Hi I’m Anisha Bailey | Founder, Rethink Black

Founded in 2018, Rethink Black is a global black empowerment initiative.  We make detoxing from centuries of oppression easier by helping our audience integrate sustainable changes within themselves, their families and their communities.

Our Rethink Black podcast, set to launch October 2018, breaks down areas of our physical, mental and financial health that we can begin to enhance to effectively implement changes necessary for the collective rebuilding of our culture.  In December 2018 we are scheduled to launch our premium membership and our Rethink Black online courses in entrepreneurship. Our premium membership will give you more in-depth breakdowns of our podcast topics, access to our online book club, and actionable financial and wellness tips, and more. Our online entrepreneurship courses provide a comprehensive business coaching experience specifically tailored to help black families realize generational success.

With over 15 years of experience as an entrepreneur, specializing in business consulting, tax law, leadership and financial strategy, it is my goal to share my unique perspectives with you, in hopes that it empowers you become an asset to our black empowerment initiative.

You can find Rethink Black on Instagram, Twitter and in your email.

I love inspiring opportunities to fuel the flames of those boldly navigating this journey, igniting fires where there was once only a spark and re-introducing sparks where hope had been lost.  Through Rethink Black, we hope that you will join us in taking a holistic approach to black empowerment, one that is focused on action, forward thinking and the coming together of our global African family.

My background:

  • Federally licensed tax consultant (EA)
  • Masters in Executive Leadership (MSEL)
  • Corporate experience with Johnson & Johnson and Deloitee & Touche
  • Owner of Taxley, an awarding winning tax and business consulting firm since 2008
  • Featured in Black Enterprise Magazine

My other brand(s):

MajiHai.com: At Maji Hai Int’l we are focused on making a global impact on family and workplace wellness.  Through this initiative I help our consultants build highly profitable and socially conscious businesses that can serve as the foundation for generational wealth. Click here to learn more about Maji Hai’s career opportunities.